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“Provide ample opportunities for students to choose and explore their field of music.
Develop lifelong learning as the end-goal, and teach students to grow themselves.”

Ryan Tram

High School Music Program Vision

A presentation I made during my undergrad which details my vision for a high school music program that supports both traditional music programs with choir/band programs, and also new music technology and production courses.

Grade 9 Music Production Class Sample

A sample of a Grade 9 Music Production course I designed following the Ontario Ministry of Education's Secondary School Curriculum.

Here I detail how my course would Assess and Evaluate students in the course. 70% for in class work, and 30% on the final project.

This document also displays sample assignments with rubrics and which curriculum expectations a successful assignment achieves.

This course was created with the backward design process, allowing the students to gradually acquire the skills step by step to create a fully recorded song by the end of the course.