game development

Click below to see my progress in making video games.
video game sound redesign

I redesigned all the sounds from scratch for the following gameplay clips.

  1. Nintendo
    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  2. Moon Studios
    Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  3. Matt Makes Games
  4. PlatinumGames
FMOD/Unity Integration

I made a small game area that triggers different sounds, changes music, and 3D object panning using FMOD and Unity.

All visual assets were taken for free from the Unity Asset Store, and I made the character myself using VRoid. See below for more details on character modelling. There is also an additional breakdown video of the integration.

mipha space ship

Using FMOD, I created an adaptive music system based on a spaceship's speed, player health, and firing blaster rate.

I made the spaceship using a combination of Midjourney, Photoshop, and After Effects. The spaceship is inspired by Mipha from Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I reworked samples of water and some of her voice lines through granular synthesis to create each SFX and UI. 

combat vertical score

Using FMOD, a health parameter layers in 3 intensities of music, Normal, Panic, and Full Combat.

"the last of us" redesign

I redid the foley sounds in Naughty Dog studios' "The Last of Us" clip. This served as a water sound design study.

Light ambience and piano were used to help set the tone of the experience.

"octopath traveller" redesign

I made the music and SFX for a clip from "Octopath Traveller" by Square Enix.

To listen to a version without SFX, click below


sci-fi stealth music

Horizontal scoring techniques were used to transition from stealth music to panic music.

A version with no music and only SFX can be seen here.

cooking UI
I designed all the UI sounds using a combination of mouth sounds, synthesis, and audio manipulation
dialogue processing
I casted voice actors for the sample unity platformer and processed their vocals to fit a spiffy bean and wacky aliens.
game dialogue

snow defense music

A fun, lighthearted music loop for a game I am designing and prototyping. See below for notes.
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Farmer's Blade (Global Game Jam 2023)

I made the entire game, including level design, music, and SFX. My sister, Emily Tram, provided the artwork and animations.

Slash your way through apples and save your crops now.


lightheaded (Global Game Jam 2021)

I programmed the UI and menus, made music and SFX, and playtested the MacOS build. Spencer Verdurmen programmed the whole game.

Click below to download and experience the game.

Unreal Engine model rig test
I created the 1st and 3rd Models. See below for details. The 2nd model is Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club and was commissioned by Art By Otosaka
models below
Snow Mountain Defense prototypes
A game I am currently developing a Game Design Document as well as making a basic prototype in Unity.
drop block mechanic change

I changed the sample Stencyl project Drop Block's core mechanic to create blocks instead of destroying them.

Can you solve them with the least amount of blocks?


This character's name is Ena. She is a prototype character I designed from scratch using VRoidStudio.

This is for a larger open-world game that I am currently developing as a passion project.

As seen in the Unreal Engine example, I used VRoidStudio to make the basic character and later rig it using Unreal Engine.

Click below for the high-res 3D Model


Because this is a VRM VRoid file, it is ready to be used for motion capture with just a webcam.