sound design

Video Game Sound Redesign

I redesigned all the sounds from scratch for the following gameplay clips.

  1. Nintendo
    The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword
  2. Moon Studios
    Ori and the Will of the Wisps
  3. Matt Makes Games
  4. PlatinumGames
Curated NFT

I was hired to create the sonic branding promotional video for NFTS from

mipha space ship

Inspired by Mipha from Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I reworked samples of water and some of her voice lines through granular synthesis to create each SFX and UI. 

"The Last of Us" redesign

I redid the foley sounds in Naughty Dog studios' "The Last of Us" clip. This served as a water sound design study.

Light ambience and piano were used to help set the tone of the experience.

sci-fi stealth sfx

Using the sample Unity game, I created my own SFX assets. All sounds you hear I created from scratch.

A version with adaptive music I composed can be seen here.

octopath traveller

I made music and SFX to a clip of Octopath Traveller by Square Enix.

Listen to a version with only music below.

mobile game UI sounds

Redesigned all the UI SFX in this clip. The music is from the game's OST.

mecha walking

This video was a sound design exercise to create a sense of weight for a mecha on three different terrains. The terrains I aimed for were:

  1. Ground/Dirt
  2. Metal
  3. Snow

synchonicity preset pack

'Synchronicity' is a preset pack I made that explores various types of synthesis (wavetable, FM, spectral) while exploring the theme of a dreamy future digital world.

The demo track does not have any additional processing.

emily tram sonic brand

A short logo branding for Emily Tram, a motion graphic designer and digital artist.

dr.strange sfx and foley

I redesigned the sounds from the opening fight scene from Disney's Dr. Strange. Not a voice actor at all, so please hope you enjoy the other sounds!